Sales Outsourcing That Works

Grow pipeline, close more deals, and leave no money on the table. We’re your nearshore sales partner who operates highly effective outbound and inbound teams and can integrate closely with your in-house sales team.

Which Part of The Sales Org Do You Want to Grow?


We have decades of quota carrying experience and we enjoy new challenges. Our closers are hungry and want to win. They come from various industries and have sold various deal sizes, which means you have a team of experienced individuals who can ramp up quickly.


Sales development reps (SDRs), Business development reps (BDRs), openers, lead-warmers, etc. Regardless of what you call this role, the mission remains the same: get more qualified meetings for your in-house sales team. Need to grow your pipeline? We can do that.

Winning Playbook

Don’t have your own sales playbook?
We can help create it, manage it, and scale it.
Already have a winning playbook?
We can learn it, master it, and run with it.

Decades of Quota-Carrying Experience

We believe in having a strong work ethic and letting the numbers speak for themselves. We know what it’s like to be measured in black and white on the scoreboard, and we are confident in our abilities.

Committed to Doing Better

Our people are the key ingredient to our success. We retain high quality team members because we are committed to their growth. We invest in our people and their communities via better wages, ongoing development, and supporting local causes. We uphold strict moral and ethical work practices and treat every team member as what they are: a human being.

Our Outsourcing Solutions

We offer a wide range of flexibility with our outsourced solutions to help you reach your CX goals. Whether you need to start small and grow or need a fully-fledged contact center, we can do it.

Part-Time / Fractional Reps

We can accommodate businesses who don't need full-time or dedicated outsourced resources. This is great for startups or businesses looking to test out new products or services. This is also good if you need to cover odd hours.

Full-Time / Dedicated Reps

If you already have a CX team but need to scale, we can augment your team with dedicated reps. This is common for businesses who need dedicated resources and also have in-house managers who can work with ours.

Fully Managed Contact Center

For those who want to outsource most or all contact center process management to RPM. We'll create and manage all aspects such as process development, automation tools, org structure, etc. and report into one in-house CX leader.

Our Benefits

Nearshore in LatAm for Sustainable Quality

Work with a team who is in the same time zone as the US and who understands the culture and work environment of your customers and in-house team. This leads to better retention of quality individuals as they can work with you during normal business hours and interact with your customers naturally.

English Proficiency + Spanish Fluency

42 million people in the United States are native Spanish speakers, which means customers will feel more comfortable interacting with your business in Spanish. We have Latin America based teams to support English + Spanish or Spanish only. Authentic connection in every interaction is part of our standard of excellence.

Omnichannel Communication

Chat, email, SMS, social, WhatsApp, voice… we can do ’em all or only one or two if that’s what you need. We have the tools and expertise to manage multiple communication channels so no customer interaction slips through the cracks.

Culturally in-tune with the US

“You mean, you’re not in SF / NYC / LA / Miami? You sound like you live there…”

…is a comment we hear a lot, and that’s a great thing. Our close proximity to the US and the cultural overlap with Latin America means our team works, lives, and feels in-house. All of this makes working together that much easier and more enjoyable.


Our Onboarding Process

A major advantage to outsourcing customer service with Tusols is our quick time to market and fast Tusols-up time. Get up and running in as little as 2 weeks or longer for larger, more complex operations.

01 Goals and objectives (2-6 hours)

Getting an accurate picture of size, scope, and complexity of the total operation and the day-to-day role.

02 Onboarding (2-4 days)

You are defining requirements and making the plan for headcount, SLAs, tech/tools, knowledge base, etc.

03 Building the team (1-3 weeks)

Getting the right people on your team is a key step. We carefully match individuals with your requirements, brand voice, and work style.

04 Training (1-4 weeks)

Training reps on products/services, work flows, protocols, and coordination with your team. Configuring of tech tools as needed.

05 Quality check (1-2 days)

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06 Launch and evaluate (<1 day)

Mission control, we have lift-off! Here's a comprehensive list of 100 bookmarking websites to enhance your productivity and streamline.

Our Values

People First

Treat people right and invest in them. They will amaze you.


Leadership is the foundation on which everything builds upon.

Growth Mindset

Now matter how far you've come there’s always a new mountain to climb.

Standard of Excellence

Do great work and take pride in it, everday.

Get Pricing

Talk with our team to get pricing on your CX needs. Every situation is unique, and we want to make sure we have a good understanding of your goals and expectations so we can provide accurate pricing on outsourced customer service.